Bloom of the Month: Lilies


Lilies of various kinds can be found all across the globe. These blooms come in different colours, sizes, and shapes. In many cases, these flowers symbolize refined beauty and purity. Are you planning to personalize a flower bouquet for a loved one? Learn more about lilies first!

An Introduction to Lilies

These flowers are one of the greatest garden plants for their reliable disposition, graceful stature, extended season of bloom, diversity, and flower forms. Next, their bulbs can be planted in spring (blooms on the same year) or in fall (blooms on the following year). Today, one can choose from trumpets, orienpets, Orientals, pure white lilium candidum, martagon lilies, Asiatics, and more.

You should know that there are other kinds of flowers which have been called a lily. However, flowers such as arum-lily, water-lily, and day-lily actually belong to other groups of flowering plants. For example, plants in the Liliales grow from corms or bulbs. Both store food during the dry season and over the winter. Unlike other Liliales, spherical clusters are formed when these vines produce their flowers. They are called Umbels.

Next, when you hear the term “true lilies,” it means that these flowers are composed of fleshy scales and have no protective outer coating. This type of lily is never dormant.

Types and Colors

  • Longiflorums: Lemon, white with a burgundy strip, or white
  • Orientals: Lemon, white with a burgundy strip, pale pink, or white
  • LAs: Cream, white, rust, burgundy, mango, or pink
  • Asiatics: Orange, pink, yellow, or white

Different Meanings and Uses of Lilies

Due to the regal beauty of lilies and the variety in type and colour, they make popular flowers for gifting purposes. Among the flower bouquets of lilies, cassablanca lily and stargazer bouquets are highly sought after. Here’s a quick look at the meanings of different types of lilies:

  • Easter lily: A symbol of Virgin Mary
  • Lily of the valley: Purity of heart and sweetness
  • Yellow lily: Gaiety
  • Orange lily: Passion
  • White lily: Virginity and modesty

Did you know? Lilies are excellent plants for borders and beds. These flowers are suitable for use as accent plants, in a shrub border, or as planting for a naturalized/formal pool.

How to Choose Good Quality Lilies

For starters, you should choose lilies with glossy green leaves and straight stems. If you noticed that the flowers have dried-out stems or a base without a fresh green colour, these factors indicate poor quality.

  • What to look out for when choosing Christmas lilies: Stems that have one or two white (fully-coloured) flowers that are about to open.
  • What to look out for when choosing Asiatic lilies: Stems with two to three fully developed buds that are about to open.
  • What to look out for when choosing Oriental lilies: Stems with fully developed buds which are about to open.

Where to Buy Lilies in Singapore?

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