Bloom of the Month: Orchid


Orchids have existed on our planet for approximately 100 million years. They are fascinating flowering plants that are a carrier of symbolism and possess a rich history. The display of grace and elegance makes orchids exceptional gifts for any occasion. If you want to learn more about this exotic bloom, the orchid, read on to find out more!

An Introduction to Orchids

The Orchidaceae family is made up of more than 100,000 varieties and 28,000 species of orchids. While orchids can be found everywhere around the globe, some of them are native to regions of Asia and Australia. To the ancient Greeks, orchids were used to symbolize fertility. They believed that this bloom, if with large roots, symbolized a male child. Orchids with short roots symbolized a female child. The Aztecs were known to create elixirs that stimulate power and strength by mixing chocolate with vanilla orchids.

Each orchid flower is can be divided in two equal parts. This shows that it is bilateral symmetric. The texture, shape, and size of their leaves depend on the habitat. If they live in drier climates, they often feature thick leaves covered with wax. Those that live in humid and warmer environments tend to feature elongated and thinner leaves.

Orchid Meanings and Colours

Orchids come in a variety of vibrant and beautiful colours. Each colour has a different meaning, which includes:

  • Yellow orchids: friendship and new beginnings
  • Blue orchids: spirituality and rarity
  • Purple orchids: admiration and respect
  • Lavender orchids: elegance and grace
  • Pink orchids: innocence and happiness
  • White orchids: purity and innocence

One of the Longest Lasting Blooms

Orchids are known to bloom longer than most flowers. Generally speaking, epiphytic orchids such as the Phalaenopsis feature blooms that last from two to three months, if they are kept indoors. The average orchid bloom typically lasts for at least six weeks. That’s why it takes very little effort to display them in one’s home. What about terrestrial orchids like the Cymbidium? Well, their blooms can last around three months outdoors and two months indoors. Did you know that orchid plants in general can live to be up to 100 years old?

Easy to Care for

Even though orchids have been labelled by some people as being challenging to care for, that’s not always the case. In fact, they are easy to care for. One does not need to turn their space or property into a steaming jungle just to grow beautiful orchids. As long as your plants have adequate exposure to mild or moderate fluorescent or natural light, weekly watering, 15-15-15 water soluble-type fertilizer, and adequate air flow, your orchids are likely to do well. Basically, these flowers can thrive in the same temperatures that humans do. That’s why you only need maintaining the average temperature inside one’s space will suffice. If possible, it is good to expose orchids to a night-time temperature of about 10 degrees.

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