Bloom of the Month: Tulips

tulips bloom

Tulips are one of the world’s most loved and easily recognized flowers. Thanks to the identifiable shape of their colourful blooms, tulips make a comfortable flower choice. These flowers are always just right. They feature a balanced mix of brightness, size, romance, and elegance. The great thing about this bloom is that they are diverse. From standard tulips to hybrids, there is a wide variety of tulips which include the Double Late Flowering Tulip, the Parrot tulip, and many more. If you are curious about tulip blooms or plan to purchase them, this post will help you appreciate them more!

An Introduction to Tulips

Tulips belong to the Lily family. Most of these flowers are easy to grow, i.e. in virtually any garden from containers to rock gardens and borders to beds. As they are delightful as cut flowers, many people choose to grow them solely as that. If these flowers are planted deeply in light soils, they can survive for many years. You should keep in mind that certain parts of the flower may aggravate skin allergies. It is best to wear gloves when handling (e.g. cutting or picking) them.

Today, approximately 150 species of tulip blooms exist. This means that there are more than 3,000 varieties. The Netherlands is the world’s foremost producer of tulip bulbs. The country produces over three billion bulbs per year. Interestingly, there are some tulip varieties that are illegal in parts of the world. For example, striped/broken tulips were outlawed by the Dutch government because they can weaken bulbs.

Tulip blooms are fleeting in nature. Depending on the country’s climate, the blooms can last up to two weeks in colder weather. They can only survive a few days in warmer areas.

Most Popular Types of Tulips

There are too many types of tulip blooms to feature at a go! Don’t worry. We have picked some of the top tulip varieties for your reading pleasure:

  • Olympic Flame: This is a Darwin hybrid tulip. Its reliability lies in its perennial performance in the landscape. The tulip features dazzling golden petals with red streaks. Additionally, they can grow up to two feet tall.
  • Red Hunter: The Tulipa batalinii is a stellar perennial tulip that features brilliant red blooms and blue-green leaves. They are also about 10 inches tall.
  • Orange Emperor: These regal-size and cup-shape orange tulip blooms feature petals that have flaming yellow bases. Blooms in early spring and are about 14 inches tall.

Meanings and Colours of Tulips

  • Pink

Pink tulip blooms express confidence and happiness. A great way to congratulate a loved one on a new job or promotion.

  • White

Can be put together to form an apology bouquet. White ones will go well with a box of chocolates too.

  • Yellow

Modern yellow tulip blooms stand for cheerful thoughts, friendship, and hope. They make a nice, caring get-well gift too.

  • Red

Need we say more? Red ones are an expression of deep love. After all, the colour red evokes romance and passion.

Where to Buy Tulips in Singapore?

Planning to brighten a special someone’s day but don’t know which floral arrangement to go for? Contact The Flower Factory to create the perfect bouquet of tulips, in the right colours, that express just what you want to say! Don’t forget to check out our latest creations too: Tulips in the Wild and Longing Love.