How To Choose A Wedding Florist In Singapore

wedding florist in Singapore

Wedding flowers are undeniably one of the most important elements of one’s big day. Apart from decoration and color, they also symbolize rebirth, growth, and life. Did you know that having the right wedding flowers also helps encourage conversations? In many cases, guests will remember the flowers you showcased. Hence, it is imperative that you choose the right wedding florist in Singapore. It will definitely help make wedding planning a breeze. Let’s find out how to select the perfect florist for your special event:

How to Begin Your Search

You can start by looking at the general pricing information, customer reviews, and photos that are displayed by on wedding websites. You can even browse through photos from real weddings held in the same area as your upcoming event. For example, Burkill Hall, Salt Grill and Sky Bar, Four Seasons Hotel, the Flower Field Hall, The Fullerton Bay Hotel, and more. To make sure you get a fair quote for you needs, it is recommended that you schedule appointments with one or more wedding florists.

If you live in the North area, you can check out places such as Woodlands Close, Causeway Point, and more. When you visit the shop in person, take a careful look around. Do you like the current arrangements that are on the store’s displays? Is the shop organized and clean? Are the flowers in the cooler still looking bright and fresh?

Ideally, you would want to pick a florist that possesses vast previous experience as a wedding florist. You should make sure that the photos of previous bridal bouquets and wedding flower arrangements are recent. If they are able to show you all the centerpieces and bridal bouquets from a particular wedding, you might have a good candidate on your list.

Clarify any Doubts You Have with Your Wedding Florist in Singapore

After spending some time flipping through the florist’s update portfolio, it is time to ask some questions to ensure your styles match. They include:

  • Will they provide an itemized quote pertaining to the discussion?
  • What is the minimum deposit? How soon are you required to send them a deposit to confirm the need for their services?
  • Are there any set up or delivery charges to be aware of?
  • How long does the florist need to set up?
  • Is it possible to reuse certain ceremony flowers, e.g. reusing them as reception decorations? Do you have to transport them to the next location yourself?
  • Can I view a sample of my bouquet or centerpiece?
  • Can you help me maximize my budget by explaining which flowers will be in season and more affordable for the wedding?

Don’t be Afraid to Share Your Ideas

Start collecting pages from magazines with floral arrangements and bouquets that you like. You may even bring along swatches of bridesmaid dress fabrics to your appointment. To help expedite the planning process, you can also prepare a Pinterest board featuring your top selections of wedding flower ideas, and then sending over the URL to your vendor in advance. If your florist is willing to listen to your vision and is receptive to your ideas, you are good to go.

Know the Right Time to Book Your Wedding Florist

It is recommended that you start talking to a wedding florist about six to eight months before your big day. You can lock down your options approximately four to six months before your wedding. Next, make sure both parties draw up a comprehensive contract that cover details such as the guest list, number of corsages, bridesmaids, rehearsal dinner, actual ceremony site, reception site, and more. This will ensure you have the right number of centerpieces and floral arrangements in the right sizes, quantities, and colors.