How To Choose Graduation Ceremony Flowers

graduation ceremony flowers

If you are attending a graduation ceremony to celebrate a loved one’s, friend’s, or students’ accomplishments, throwing a graduation party, or giving a gift to a graduate, you should consider giving flowers. It is important that you choose the correct type of flowers. The floral arrangements have to be most appropriate for this occasion. Here are some useful tips to help you choose the right graduation ceremony flowers.

Choosing Graduation Ceremony Flowers for the Party

At graduation parties, flowers make for the perfect décor. Solid choices for centrepieces include tulips, orchids, carnations, and roses. To make your gift more creative, consider adding a graduation cap-style centrepiece. Since you are giving flowers for a party, you do not need to be too conservative. Go ahead and embrace bright and bold elements. For example, yellow flowers are great at representing success. When you combine green and yellow flowers, they can symbolize good luck and new beginnings.

Try to keep the colour scheme consistent. Whether you choose to follow the graduate’s favourite colour scheme or the school’s colour scheme, the centrepieces and floral décor must be matching. Need a quick recommendation? Use roses. They are versatile, and any colour combination will work wonders, i.e. white, red, or mixed!

Choosing Graduation Ceremony Flowers for the Ceremony

Remember, graduation flowers make for unisex gifts. If you are in charge of your school’s graduation ceremony, it is a good idea to hand flowers to each graduate after they have accepted their diploma. A graduation lei or a single rose adds a beautiful touch when congratulating your students. Not sure which flower fits the occasion? When in doubt, roses always save the day. Nothing is as evocative as a colourful mixed bouquet of roses or a classic red rose bouquet. If you are looking to get a bouquet that represents enthusiasm and uniqueness, try orange coloured roses.

Choosing Graduation Ceremony Flowers for the Graduate

What are great finishing touches to graduation outfits? Let’s see. You can never go wrong with a boutonniere for the gents and a corsage for the ladies. Just make sure that the floral arrangements match the graduate’s suit or dress. If you are having trouble matching colours with outfits, stick to basics such as white and red. Don’t worry. There are a ton of options when it comes to giving bouquets as gifts.

Orchid leis are one of the most popular congratulatory gifts. If you are unable to attend the ceremony in person, you can make up for your absence by sending these orchids. Your recipient will automatically know that you are proud of their achievements. In this case, popular orchid colours include purple, green, and white. Looking for an alternative? Consider sending an orchid plant. The gift can be an awesome keepsake that will grow with your recipient, i.e. where he or she is starting this new chapter in life.

Don’t forget to consider your recipient’s personality and success when giving flowers. In some cases, he or she may have topped the class or have achieved a specific accomplishment. The Flower Factory is more than happy to help you select the perfect floral arrangement.