How To Choose The Right Floral Centrepiece For Your Event

floral centerpiece

Whether you are organizing a small dinner party or decorating your bridal party, you should never overlook the importance of getting the centrepiece right. If you wait until the last minute to decide on the floral arrangement, or select one without adequate research, you could end up with disappointing results. When choosing floral centrepieces for your event, here are some factors to keep in mind:

Who Are Your Guests?

Guests of a family gathering, or dinner party should be fairly easy to handle. If you are dealing with a larger event like a fundraiser or wedding, it might be impossible to take everyone’s preferences into account. To make things easier for yourself, keep two things in mind: sensitivity to scent and pollen allergies. You might want to play it safe by ordering a floral centrepiece that does not have a strong smell and feature low-pollen flowers with lots of foliage.

How Is The Environment Like?

Humidity and temperature levels are two major factors that can affect the overall lifespan of your flowers. Are you going to include anything edible, such as chocolates? Or are you considering including wax candles in your arrangements? Next, it is recommended that you consult a florist to determine what flowers do well in a certain environment. For example, hydrangeas can be become wilted in less than three hours if the circumstances around them are wrong. Roses, on the other hand, are hardy under almost any scenario.

Is The Area Well-Lit?

Next, the lighting of the area also affects how you design your centrepieces. If your event is held outdoors and will be receiving generous amounts of natural sunlight, whites and pale pastels will do fine. You may consider adding a few vividly coloured tropical flowers to complete an outstanding look.  For dimly lit areas, adding electronically-lit foliage or candles as part of your floral arrangements will help balance out the look. As for the flowers, you should stick to deeper shades and jewel tones.

How Many Tables Need To Be Decorated?

How many tables have you ordered for your event? Table quantity plays a role in determining the flower varieties that will be chosen. Of course, buffet tables and reception tables look great with contrasting flowers. However, you should consider a single-style floral centrepiece for your general seating area. Apply this practice if there are less than 10 tables.

If the actual figures are higher, you can go for a layered look. This means placing different centrepieces in different areas of the room. For example, flowers placed at the back of the room will be darker than those in the front. Your florist should be able to coordinate the flowers and styles well together, creating a varied look that brightens up your event space.

What Is Your Budget?

Ultimately, you should get only what you can afford. After you have an idea of how many tables you need at your event, including decorative, reception, and buffet tables, you can use that number to determine how many centrepieces you will need. You will divide your budget, e.g. $800, by the number of tables to determine how much you can spend on each centrepiece. Every table does not need to have the same centrepiece design. You can be flexible. For example, you can spend less on your guest tables and allocate more of your funds toward ordering a grand arrangement for the entrance table.