Inspirations For Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother's Day flowers in Singapore

Mother’s Day is a celebration that’s observed by more than 40 countries, Singapore included. It was a way to honor the sacrifices mothers make for their children. Fragrant and beautiful flower bouquets are synonymous with Mother’s Day. They are in fact one of the most popular gifts for mothers and it is something they love. The best time to give them flowers is after telling them how much you love and appreciate her, as your mother. So, what flowers are best for this special occasion? This post aims to give you a little inspiration to determine the best Mother’s Day flowers for your mum. Let’s find out more!

Mother’s Day Flower Types and Colors

Roses are to Valentine’s Day as carnations are to Mother’s Day. However, that does not mean you cannot include roses in your Mother’s Day flowers. Check out the following flowers and their traditional meanings when selecting flowers for Mother’s Day:

  • Iris: Wisdom and eloquence
  • Calla lilies: Beauty and magnificence
  • Daisies: Loyal love
  • Lilies: Beauty and purity
  • Carnations: A mother’s love
  • Roses: Passion or love

Although pink is often used to symbolize a mother’s love, you do not have to stick with this color if you don’t want to. You can always consider other colors or even combine them to create a unique message.

  • Purple: Elegance and grace
  • Yellow: Respect, compassion, and trust
  • White: Perfection, truth, and purity
  • Red: Passion and deep love
  • Pink: Gentleness, thoughtfulness, unconditional love, and innocence

Mother’s Day Flower Bouquet Ideas

For starters, you can consider giving live plants. Fresh flowers are still a popular expression of one’s appreciation and love on Mother’s Day. If the mother in your life enjoys houseplants, the occasion is the perfect opportunity to present her with live plants.

Next, mixed bouquets can be put together to express one’s love with style. It is a popular floral arrangement for Mother’s Day that allows individuals to customize flowers and the flower scheme with ease. Mixed bouquets can range from simple arrangements for the table to large showy floral arrangements. Below are a few flower design inspirations to get you started:

  • A lovely and relaxing lilac bouquet: Consider combining orchids, lilac, and lavender to bring home the Zen theme. Wouldn’t it be pleasant to give your lovely mum a relaxing moment this Mother’s Day?
  • A luscious garden brunch bouquet: This arrangement comprises trendy eucalyptus and luscious green trick flowers. You may even pair this bouquet with a lovely floral scented candle.
  • A perfectly imperfect bouquet: How about a little mix of everything? This pretty and vibrant bouquet features a blend of yellow roses with beautiful hydrangea and a generous amount of lovely shades of green.

Check Out the Latest Mother’s Day Flowers and Bouquets at The Flower Factory!

Want to save time on DIY bouquets? The Flower Factory has got you well covered. Here are some of our creations prepared specially for this year:

  • Deep Love: Pink Carnations, Red Orchids, cotton, fillers, and foliage
  • Flower Parcel for MUM: Pastel combination of Pastel Pink Carnation, White Eustoma, and Eucalyptus
  • Whimsical Fleur: Two-tone Carnations with bright purple-pink Sweet Williams and Caspia
  • Passionate Care: Three Shocking Pink Roses, White Carnations, and Pink Carnations
  • Tropical: Mixed color, locally grown orchids and foliage.
  • Pink Beauty: Table arrangemnt featuring Carnations, Gerberas, White roses, Baby’s Breathe, Caspia, and foliage.
  • Simple Admiration: Red Carnation with a mix of white Eustoma with black wrapper.