Where To Find A Florist In Ang Mo Kio

ang mo kio florist

Searching for a reputable florist in Ang Mo Kio? Don’t worry. The Flower Factory has got you covered, even when we are located at Admiralty/Woodlands. We carry a large selection of fresh flowers and offer flower bouquet personalization services.

About Ang Mo Kio

Ang Mo Kio is an HDB heartland that was planned and developed in the 1970s. It is home to several mature neighbourhoods, small businesses, and great hawker food. Let’s not forget about the strong neighbourly relationships that have existed since Day One. Before the town was developed, the area was mostly covered with farmland, swamps, and secondary forest. Back in the day, the town was identified as Amokiah. But that name lasted until the 1900s, when the area was eventually called Ang Mo Kio.

How did the town get its modern name? Some say that it was the combination of “ang mo (Caucasians)” + “kio (bridge)”; or the Hokkien term for tomatoes. However, Douglas Hiorns, former General Manager of Bukit Sembawang Estates, gives a more reasonable explanation. In the past, two key tracks crossed Ang Mo Kio. As a result, several bridges were built to carry the tracks over the waterways. This gained local importance. Next, concrete was referred to as “ang mo he”, which meant Western ash in Hokkien. Another term used was “pang kio.” It meant wooden bridge and was locally referred to as the bridge that carried Jalan Hwi Yoh over the Sungei Tongkang.

Today, the town is home to nearly 200,000 residents and counting. It is the 8th largest population centre in Singapore.

About The Flower Factory

As a Singapore-based florist, The Flower Factory offers a great array of flower arrangements, including everyday bouquets and table arrangements. You can rely on us to hand-deliver fresh flowers to both residential and commercial areas. Since our inception, we have fulfilled orders pertaining to weddings, birthday parties, corporate dinners, seminars, hospitals, graduation ceremonies, funeral services, and more. We understand that some of our clients require flowers urgently. That’s why The Flower Factory is able to facilitate same-day deliveries. Just call us to make the necessary arrangements!

We are a family owned and operated florist business. You can be sure that we possess an unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction. We work tirelessly to ensure you can enjoy a pleasant experience when working with us for your floral needs.

What do We Offer?

Our Instagram-ready blooms and floral arrangements are thoughtfully designed and meticulously handcrafted. Our creations include the Appreciate Triumph (features three Calla lilies with wild flowers and Cymbidium Orchids); Cloud Of Dreams (features one blue hydrangea with Sweet Williams); Dried Scarlet (dried wild flowers); and many more! We cater to events as well. Simply let us know what you have in mind and we will plan the floral designs out for you.

How to Find Us?

Our retail store is conveniently located at Woodlands 11, which is just a stone’s throw away from Admiralty MRT station. If you need more detailed directions from us, do not hesitate to contact us at +65 6334 1101 or email us at sales@theflowerfactory.com.sg now.