You May Be Handling Fresh Cut Flowers Wrongly

fresh cut flowers

Introducing fresh cut flowers to one’s home can quickly brighten the space. If you want to prolong your bouquet’s staying power, you can rest assured that you do not require a green thumb to keep it healthy. All it needs is a little of your time and effort. With that, start by asking yourself if you are making any of the following mistakes:

Mistakes #1: Neglecting Your Blooms and Displaying them in a Super-Sunny Spot

It is important to recut the stems of your flowers and change the water every two days. This allows the cut off flower stem to protect itself against infections and drying out. The cutting wound will automatically seal itself. Next, you should avoid placing your vase in an overly sunny spot. It is understandable that you want your bouquet to be showcased in the brightest spot in your room. But it can’t last as long in the heat of direct sunlight. The same logic applies to placing your vase too close to a HVAC vent.

Mistakes #2: Disposing the Floral Food and Lack of Leave Removal

Floral food packets are there for a very good reason. They are designed to maintain cleanliness and allow your flowers to last longer. Flowers tend to age quickly and droop after they have been cut. With these packets, your flowers will receive the nutrients they need to combat the rapid onset of wilting. Next, leaves and other foliage should never be allowed to fall beneath the water line. If that happens, they can cause a bacterial build-up. This means water cannot travel up the stem to hydrate the flowers.

Mistakes #3: Trimming Stems Too Short/Long and Wrong Cutting Methods

A good rule of thumb is that one’s vase should be approximately two-thirds the height of the total arrangement. This provides proper support for your flowers. When it comes to trimming your stems, you should avoid cutting the stems straight across. You should use a sharp clean pair of clippers to cut at an angle. Angled cuts allow for greater surface area and a corresponding increased water uptake. This also allows the cut flowers to retain their rigidity.

Mistakes #4: Not Hydrating Your Bouquet in Time

After collecting your new bouquet of flowers, don’t just plop them on a table and go off to answer your emails, watch TV, etc. You should hydrate your flower bouquets immediately to preserve their integrity. Before bringing your flowers inside your home, you should already prepare one or more buckets for rehydration purposes. Make sure your buckets are also completely washed out with soap and water. Next, put warm water in your buckets and mix any recommended floral food into the water. These few minutes of work will pay off nicely!

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