[ TBTF x TFF ] Boba Bae


Together with The Bubble Tea Factory, we have come up with an exclusive Boba Bundle for our BBT friends!

Miss slurping your favourite sweet, indulgent bubble teas and chewing on QQ pearls? Here’s Boba Bae to accompany you during this CB period.

Add-on Boba Bae for any of your other floral orders!

Alternatively, our special [TBTF X TFF] Bundle features Brown Sugar Milk Tea, our BBT-Inspired Bouquet that reminds us of all things creamy and nice, and those chewy delicacies we can’t just get enough of.

Brown Sugar Milk Tea features Caramel Carnations,  Cappuccino Roses, Purple Eustomas, Red Astilbe, Maroon Hypericums and Eucalyptus Leaves

Boba Bae measures ~w 24cm,  h 15cm.

Psst, need a drink to quench your BBT thirst? Here are some of our favourite bbt brands still operating!

  1. SOCIETEA : WhatsApp 9088 3379 or PM them on Instagram
  2. BOBERTEA : via Website
  3. KOI : order via GRAIN
  4. LIHO& GONGCHA: Various F&B Outlets, More details here

*TBTF x TTF Bundle does not include BBT drink

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