Kindly note that the studio will be closed from 22 Dec – 2 Jan 2023.

Regular Programming Resumes 3 Jan 2023.

Celebrating Moments Together

For same-day / next-day deliveries, follow us on telegram HERE  to choose from our Daily Bespoke Picks and get quick updates on the freshest flowers available. Daily Picks are available Daily for Monday – Friday.

Like what we do? Pre-order a surprise bundle of flowers for any day, any occasion. Kindly note that photos are strictly references only. Colour palette and flowers varies day to day.

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Joy of the week

( 13 – 17 Dec)


Enjoy unique designs every week with our Joy of the week bouquets, available for same-day delivery for orders made before 0900am and/or before sold-out.


Looking for something else or in need of an urgent bouquet? Shop from our Daily Picks bouquets on Telegram.

We are 2nd generation farmers-turned-florists and we pride ourselves in offering a myriad of tropical cut flowers and foliage, home-grown from our local plantation.
Our Farmer’s Series takes a spin on these tropical flowers and is designed to impress in classic, contemporary styles.

Personal Flowers | Venue Styling | Stage Decor


From Bridal Bouquets, Boutonnieres, Car Decorations, Floral Wearable Pieces to Intimate Home Ceremonies and Hotel Ballrooms. We work closely with our couples to discover the best setting for them to say “I Do” in a space with everything they love, with everyone they love.

As bright as the sun, as pure as snow, a love story begins.
A symphony of vibrant blooms held in jars, a colorful ensemble to brighten any space.
A wedding like no other, where the beauty of the tropics meets the magic of love.
Setting the world ablaze with this fiery red bouquet of passion
Blooming with joy and vibrant hues.
Bringing a burst of colors to every moment.
Love cascades like a waterfall, blinding two souls in an everlasting embrace. 
For M & S. 📸: @androidsinboots
Lost in a garden of delicate blush dreams
Blossoming love and playful paws
A dash of sunshine to brighten up your special day.
Celebrating our nation’s beauty one petal at a time! Happy national day everyone!
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